The 5 Most Common Construction Accidents
Published on:April 21, 2016
The 5 Most Common Construction Accidents

If you are involved in a construction accident, the pain you feel does not care how common your accident may be. However, if you are aware of what types of construction accidents are the most common, then you can take those extra steps to avoiding being part of a statistic. Along with following company safety rules, construction workers have to be vigilant when it comes to preventing the most common types of construction accidents that can lead to injuries, or possibly even be fatal.


Anyone who works on an elevated platform on a construction site is in danger of falling. Even people who are not supposed to be working at any heights can find themselves falling off scaffolding when they are delivering tools or materials, or falling off of a large piece of equipment in wet weather.

When it comes to construction accidents, falls rank as the most common type. As you work on a construction site, it is important to be aware of any fall hazards around you and do your best to keep your feet on the ground or any stable flat surface at all times.


On a construction site, it is not uncommon to spill liquids or work in areas during the winter where ice is present. A concrete floor that has just cured could be the perfect place for someone to spill a slippery liquid and cause a fall.

Be wary of areas on construction sites where falls could occur. Always watch for potential tripping hazards, and do your part to point out dangerous areas that could cause someone to slip to management to get the problem taken care of immediately.


In many cases, the experts hired to handle electrical equipment are not the ones electrocuted on construction sites. It is people who are not paying attention to where they are walking or workers who wander too close to electrical equipment that often get hurt.

If your job does not involve handling electrical equipment, then stay away from those areas. If you do with electrical equipment, then always wear your safety gear and stay alert for potentially dangerous situations at all times.

Falling Items

One of the reasons construction companies make wearing hard hats on worksites mandatory is the possibility of falling items from people working at higher levels. All it takes is one wrench slipping out of the hand of a worker on the 12th floor to cause an injury that could change someone’s life.

Always wear your hard hat when it is required, and be careful when walking under work areas. Keep an eye out for falling items, and do your best to keep others out of harm’s way as well.


Fires are common sources of construction accidents, especially when they lead to explosions. Your company has several safety guidelines in place when it comes to fires, and you need to follow them to the letter to stay safe.

If you see a fire on a construction site, then report it to your supervisor immediately. If you suspect there is the threat of an explosion then clear the area and warn others to get away as well.

Construction sites are filled with the potential for accidents, which is why everyone needs to pay close attention when they are on a worksite. If you want to avoid an accident when you are working, then you need to follow the safety rules and always be looking for potential problems.