5 Most Common Accidents That Happen At Work
Published on:August 9, 2018


No matter what type of work conditions you are in during business hours, it is possible that you could have a very serious accident. As with most accidents, work mishaps can be prevented if people pay attention and learn to identify the warning signs of a pending incident. Whether you work on a construction site or in an office complex, your chances of an accident are always there if you are not careful.

Slip (Trip) and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are usually put in the same category as trip and fall accidents because the conditions that cause each type of accident are generally the same. These types of accidents are easily the most common types of work place accidents for any type of job or industry. To avoid these types of accidents, always help to keep common walkways clear of obstacles and pay attention to where you are going when you are walking. Many offices have mirrors hanging from the ceiling on blind corners that can make it easier to prevent collisions and slip and fall accidents.

Overexertion Accidents

You think that you can reach across that desk and grab that file until you actually try it and pull a muscle in your side. Overexertion accidents can happen anywhere, but they are most common in manual labor jobs. When people try to lift materials that are too heavy or try to carry heavy objects too far, they are going to get hurt and the pain could stick around for years. Never overexert yourself in the work place. Either use a machine to carry objects, or get other workers to help.


From signs to railings, every job site does its best to prevent falls from happening. But even with the best safety warnings in place, workers are going to fall from heights. These types of accidents include workers who get hurt when other workers fall on them, which happens frequently. Employees need to pay attention to where they are walking and follow all safety signs to prevent falls.

Falling Objects

The other type of falling accidents, objects falling from heights onto people, can be painful and unexpected. Workers need to keep track of their tools and materials to prevent them from falling from high areas onto unsuspecting workers below. Crane operators need to make sure that their loads are properly secured to prevent large materials from raining down from the sky.

Vehicle Accidents

Whether it is a construction worker getting struck by a vehicle speeding past their job site or one worker hitting another in the company parking lot, vehicle accidents happen frequently in work areas. It is important for workers to follow all designated driving areas on job sites, slow down in the parking lots, and be mindful of other vehicles passing by a work site.

If you have been injured on the job, you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Many companies will try to get you to sign a waiver after your accident to prevent from getting sued. You have rights, and you should hire a professional attorney to protect those rights and make sure you get the kind of settlement you need to put your life back together.