6 Types Of Evidence Used In Slip And Fall Cases
Published on:May 2, 2022

Slips and falls happen every day, and most times, it’s caused by hazardous objects that have been neglected at businesses and other public places. If you or someone you know sustain a slip and fall injury, it is essential to know what type of evidence will help your case.

Without the proper evidence, you will find it hard to get compensation for your medical expenses and damages. So, what type of evidence will you need to build your case and get the compensation you deserve?

Pictures of the accident scene

Immediately after a slip and fall injury, grab your phone and take some pictures and videos is possible. Do this before seeking medical attention, and it will help you build a compelling case that gets you the compensation you deserve.

If you don’t have your phone with you, try to get it from any witnesses. It is simple to show that the claimed event happened. If you can’t prove it with concert evidence like pictures and videos, it becomes your words against theirs.

Eye witness testimony

You need to get a statement from anyone who witnessed your slip and fall so they can corroborate the circumstances of your injury. Again, it would be best to do this early since the human memory fades away rather quickly.

Getting about two to three witnesses will solidify your claim and make sure you get fully compensated for your injuries and other damages you may have suffered.

Documents for the injury

After receiving medical attention, your doctor’s report regarding your injury will prove helpful in proving your case in court. Other evidence is in bills, incident reports, and statements, not to forget the loss of wages and paperwork of repairs that supports the incident.

If you work with a competent personal injury attorney, they will help put the paperwork together to increase the strength of the case.

Preserving Evidence

Apart from pictures and videos, there may be other physical evidence in the location that could help your case, such as a flash drive, a broken bottle, or even a piece of banana. If there are witnesses, you need to get their contact addresses and record their statements.

When your attorney has these intricate pieces of evidence, your case becomes impossible to demise, and you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Hire a personal injury attorney

The best thing you can do to yourself after a slip and fall injury is getting yourself an attorney. You know nothing about the legal system unless this has happened to you before. That is why an experienced attorney is your best bet, and he will help you fight to get your compensation.

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