7 ways to prevent slip-and-fall lawsuits
Published on:September 28, 2021

Accidents are inevitable. But other times, our negligence can get even the best of us. When an accident happens on your business premises, you might find yourself a target of a personal injury lawsuit, which could cost you a lot in the process.

A slip and fall can happen anywhere. 


But there are measures you can take to keep your property safe and in good condition for visitors. By doing so, you save yourself headaches. Here are some ways you can use to prevent a slip-and-fall lawsuit.

  1. Regular inspection

To prevent a slip and fall, inspecting your property regularly should become part of your daily activities. Through inspection, you discover areas of your business premises that have a pose a risk. Don’t forget to check the stairwells, to ensure there are no blockades. There should be proper lighting, to prevent any incident of slip and fall.

  2. Install Cameras

As a precaution, cameras can be a great addition, not forgetting the sense of security it offers. When a slip and fall does happen, you will be able to access the situation through your cameras. This will give you a full idea of how the incident happened which might help you win any lawsuit that may come.

  3. Display warning signs regarding hazards

If there is a wet floor, a broken floor, or perhaps a malfunctioned machine, ensure you place a warning sign if the hazard can’t be fixed immediately. With these signs, you warn people to be alert, stay clear or not use. Make sure you write in an easy-to-understand language for easy communication.

  4. Keep logs

If you conduct any maintenance or DIY around your business, always keep logs. That way, you will have something to reference to prove you take vital steps to keep your property safe.

  5. Follow up with the injured visitor

When a slip and fall do happen, you don’t need to act unconcerned or panic about lawsuits. When you show that you care for their well-being, they are likely to drop the case. You don’t necessarily need to apologize, but by showing that you care, they’ll go away without the need to file a lawsuit.

If you happened to be involved in a slip and fall lawsuit, you might need to get across your insurance. With a general liability insurance policy, you ensure that you are not liable for injuries that occur on your premises. 

If you or someone you know is involved in a slip and fall lawsuit, or perhaps you need help drafting your general liability insurance policy, feel free to give us a call 7182737900 or fill our form.