Never Get Into A Contractual Dispute Without A Lawyer
Published on:January 12, 2016
Contractual Dispute

The idea of having a lawyer look over a contract before you sign it has become as old as turning out the lights when you leave a room. The problem with such actions become commonplace is that too many people start to treat a lawyer’s consent like a novelty, and they ignore the good advice that a lawyer can give. If you find yourself at odds with another party over a contractual obligation, then there are a lot of good reasons why you need to get an attorney involved.

Never Sign A Contract Without A Lawyer Seeing It First

When you buy a new car, the sales person tries to make the sales agreement sound standard by glossing over what could be very important terms. Whether you are a business professional signing a sales agreement or a private individual getting ready to commit to a mortgage, you should never sign a contract without a lawyer’s approval.

It may sound like an unnecessary step to get an attorney involved before you sign any contract, but you are actually saving yourself a lot of potential headaches and financial losses for the future. That car sales agreement could have clauses in it that would cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. By having a lawyer look things over first, you are putting yourself in a much better legal position than if you blindly signed the contract without having a professional read it.

There May Be Loopholes In Your Favor

When you get in a contractual dispute with someone, that other party is going to attempt to use the contract terms to their benefit. The good thing about using contract loopholes is that it goes both ways. A good attorney can review your contract and find those loopholes that can be used in your favor to turn the tables on the other party.

Level The Playing Field

Sometimes the language in contracts is written in simple terms, and sometimes the language is a little complex. You can rest assured that the other party in your contractual dispute has a lawyer to help them decipher those terms and find clauses that work to their advantage. If you want a level playing field when defending yourself in a contractual dispute, then you must have an attorney working on your side as well.

It Is Just Good Business

You will find that may companies are hesitant to do business with organizations that do not have all of their contracts reviewed by an attorney. Reputable and honest business professionals insist on having their contracts reviewed, and they do not consider contract review to be a lack of trust on your end. If your attorney finds a problem with a contract, you will find that all reputable business organizations appreciate it when you point out errors that could potentially damage their position as well.

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two parties that normally involves some sort of transaction. For private individuals, not having an attorney review a contract before signing it can result in the loss of thousands of dollars. For a company, neglecting legal assistance in reviewing contracts could damage their corporate repututation, their business, and their bottom line.

If you are faced with a contractual dispute, then your first course of action must be to retain an attorney. With so much on the line in every contractual issue, the idea of not getting an attorney involved could be the biggest mistake you or your company will ever make.