Each year, around 1,000 people die due to an auto accident here in New York. Many more face an accident which leads to severe and lasting bodily injuries. Experiencing an injury due to an auto accident may cause a lot of pain, suffering, and confusion. Insurance companies can be unfair and your quality of life could be considerably affected.

Between highway collisions, pedestrian accidents, and intersection collisions, there are so many dangers that can cause auto accidents. Motorists need to display a high level of awareness and diligence while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, many times people neglect to show this care while driving. This negligence can cause injury to others and to themselves.

If you or a loved one has experienced an auto accident because of someone else’s negligence, you will need an experienced Staten Island attorney to fight for what you deserve. Here at Sgarlato & Sgarlato, we have the expertise to help you get the best possible results for your case. We care about each client and we work hard to get the facts together that will help your case. We are discreet, but we are comprehensive

When working with our team, you can focus on recovering from your injuries and receiving support from your family and friends. The Sgarlato team will focus on fighting for what you are entitled to and will put you first in any and all negotiations with insurance companies. We know what you deserve and will refuse to settle for anything less.

If you have a Staten Island auto accident case and have questions, please feel free to give us a call. We will be right beside you during this difficult time.

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