Bicycle Accidents- What To Do Next

Bicyclists are just as susceptible to accidents on the open road as cars or any other types of vehicles. As a bicyclist, it is your responsibility to make sure that you wear the proper protective equipment to diminish the possibility of injuries if you do get into an accident. While most drivers are well-versed in what to do after a car accident, many bicyclists are unsure what to do immediately after they have been in an accident.

Call the Police

If you were injured in your accident and need emergency medical attention, then you should call emergency services to request an ambulance and a police officer to your location. If the other party involved in the accident flees the scene, then try to get their license plate number if they were driving a car or get a description if they were on a bicycle.

Make a Report

As you are having your injuries tended to and before you are transported to a hospital, be sure to get your side of the story into a police report. While most insurance companies tend to ignore police reports, these are still good ways to document what happened and get all of the important information into one document.

Get Witness Information

If you are able to spend time gathering witness names and contact information, then you should do so before you leave the scene of your accident. Witnesses are very powerful allies, especially in a bicycle accident when the police are usually not going to make an arrest unless there has been a serious injury.

Get Documentation of Your Injuries

Even if it has been determined at the scene that you had no outward injuries, you still need to go to an emergency room and document your condition immediately after the accident. You might have injuries that are being clouded by adrenaline and they could sneak up on you days after the accident. You will need full and official documentation of all of your injuries related to the accident and that is why it is important to get to an emergency medical facility immediately after your accident.

Contact an Attorney

It is an unfortunate truth that bicycling accidents do not get the same level of attention from law enforcement that motor vehicle accidents do. If you have been injured or you want to sue for property damage and injuries, then you will have to hire someone to do the work for you. Once your doctor has given you the green light to be able to move around freely, you need to contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you put your claim together and get the compensation you deserve.

A bicycle accident can be a scary event for all involved, but it is often an event that gathers little attention from the authorities. If you want to recover compensation after your bicycle accident, you will need to collect the proper information and hire an experienced attorney to put your case together for you.

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