But I Feel Fine
Published on:June 26, 2017

If someone would give personal injury attorneys throughout the country a dime for every client who claimed they felt fine in the immediate aftermath of a personal injury accident, there would be a lot of really wealthy attorneys in the United States. After a personal injury accident, timing is just as critical as collecting evidence. Most people who insist they don’t need to follow the advice of their attorney wind up buried in medical bills many years later.


Any kind of personal injury accident, from a car wreck to a slip and fall on ice, is going to get the heart racing and the adrenaline pumping. The human body has a way of masking the immediate pain of an injury through the use of adrenaline, and sometimes that pain can be masked for days.

Anything can happen in a personal injury accident, and adrenaline along with the natural tendency to want to ignore an injury can team up to convince a victim that they feel fine. The truth is that you should be prepared to go through several rounds of tests after your accident to detect injuries, and you should get those first round of tests done immediately.

Long-Term Effects

You could sustain an injury in a personal injury accident that may not show any effects for a very long time. After a couple of weeks of no pain or negative effects, you might think that you feel just fine. But you could be walking down your stairway one day and that injury will suddenly reveal itself and cause you significant pain.

While doctors cannot always tell when there are injuries waiting to be discovered, they can keep a log of the effects of your accident and trace back injuries that can be directly attributed to the damage your body sustained. A good personal injury attorney can bring in medical witnesses who can testify that the possibility of long-term effects exists, and hidden injuries can surface at any time. This directly affects the kind of compensation you would ask for, especially when it comes to long-term care for your injuries.

Doctor Malpractice

One possible outcome of their personal injury accidents that most victims take for granted is a problem associated with the medical care they receive. The initial injury may not prove to be significant, but malpractice on the part of the doctor could turn a minor injury into a major problem.

A good personal injury attorney is aware of every element of a case, and that includes monitoring the medical care their clients are receiving. If it becomes apparent that the injuries sustained in an accident are not consistent with the results the client is getting from the care they are receiving, then the attorney would be forced to make recommendations that the client may not like. In the long run, those recommendations could prevent the client from becoming more impaired due to the negligent care of a medical professional.

In the immediate aftermath of a personal injury accident, it is very possible that the victim could feel no discomfort at all. However, a good personal injury attorney knows that it pays to never take your health for granted. It is also a good idea to be very wary of the care you are getting, even from a doctor you have trusted for years.