Bike Accidents: What to Do After the Crash

When you're riding a bike, it's paramount that you're safety conscious by wearing a helmet and adhering to the rules of the road. But sometimes, the inevitable can happen no matter how cautious you are. When you're involved in an accident with a motorist, knowing what to do will ensure you protect your right or that of your severely injured companion.

Here's what to do after the crash:

Preserve the evidence

Depending on the impact, you're most likely to feel disoriented. But if you can get hold of your phone, try as much as possible to take a couple of photos and videos. If witnesses are nearby and can't take a picture, you could ask someone to record the accident scene.

Photos and videos will be super helpful when working with your attorney, as it helps him build a compelling case that ensures you get compensated for your injuries and damages. That is because accident scenes often get tampered with, in which case it becomes only your word against theirs, which is a complicated situation.

Wait for the police to arrive

After an impact, you and the motorist are bound by law to remain at the scene. You're most likely not to feel pain at that moment; it's merely your adrenaline kicking in. For your sake, stay on the scene until the police arrive. Irrespective of whether you think you're injured or not.

Leaving the scene will work against you, as the motorist could abscond and become impossible to track.

Get drivers information

While at the scene, exchange information with the motorist, including name, address, and phone number. License number, insurance policy number, and more if possible. Even when the driver does leave the scene, you will have the necessary information to track the driver down.

Under no circumstance should you try to negotiate or argue with the driver. Instead, stay calm, and wait till the police arrive at the scene.

Make sure the police take your statement

Often, the police are more concerned with taking the motorist's version of the events than the cyclist's. So if you discover that you're not being asked to make a statement of what happened, get their attention and make a statement.

Report any injuries you may have sustained, no matter how minor. If the police couldn't take your report for some reason, ask to have the report modified later, and ensure you get the accident report number and write it down.

Seek medical attention

It doesn't matter if your injuries are minor. It's crucial to consult a doctor immediately for a written evaluation. With a doctor's report and the photos and videos you took, your attorney will better defend your claim.

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