Slips, Trips, and Falls: 22 Work Injury Statistics for 2022

n 2021, the number of work-related injuries that led to emergency room visits was staggering. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.5 million workers in the United States alone visited the emergency room due to work-related injuries. These numbers highlight the importance of ensuring workplace safety for all employees.

General Work Injury Statistics

  1. According to Injury Facts, Slip and falls, contact with objects or overexertion, and bodily reaction account for 84% of all non-fatal injuries.
  2. There are over 340 million occupational injuries annually.
  3. Transportation incidents became the leading cause of occupational fatalities in 2019.
  4. Construction sites become a hot zone for work-related hazards, accounting for over 20% of fatalities.
  5. Also in 2019, there was about 15 death every day for more than 100 each week in the US work industry.
  6. The total number of injuries reported remains unchanged at 2.8 in 2020.
  7. About 37,000 injuries were related to exposure to harmful substances or the environment.
  8. California and Taxes had the highest fatality rates.

What to do when in a work-related incident

Seek medical attention

Immediately after sustaining a work-related injury, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. That is after taking shots of the incident and videos as evidence. Your doctor’s report will also help ascertain the gravity of the injury.

Notify your employer

. While receiving medical attention, don’t hesitate to let your employer know, preferably in letter format with a date stamp. Giving your employer a headstart is recommended and would ensure your employer takes the appropriate steps.

Keep notes of everything that’s happening

After some time, your memories of an event are likely to get distorted. However, by keeping notes, you keep the event fresh in your memory without having to struggle when it comes to recalling them.

Get an experienced attorney

If after reporting to your employer and yet nothing happened, don’t hesitate to call an experienced work injury attorney. These are professionals who will guide you every step of the way, even make sure you get compensated for what your pain and suffering are worth.

Sometimes your employer might propose an offer that is way below what you need. Your attorney will help you through the negotiation stage, even refuse your employer's offer if he believes it’s below par.

If you’re hurt at work due to someone else’s injury, or the nature of your job, don’t hesitate to get the professionals involved. Feel free to give us a call or perhaps fill out our contact form to book an appointment.