Top Causes Of Car Accidents
Published on:February 2, 2017

When you are driving your vehicle, you are expected to be in control at all times. Sometimes things happen such as bad roads or a mechanical failure that are not your fault, but they still cause your vehicle to go out of control. The best way to avoid getting into an at-fault car accident is to be able to recognize the most common causes of accidents around the United States that are considered to be the fault of the driver.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving covers a lot of different activities, and it is the most common cause of accidents in the United States. Distracted driving includes:

  • Eating
  • Texting
  • Using the Internet on your phone
  • Talking on the phone
  • Having a conversation with someone in your car

When you have passengers in your car, it is your responsibility to maintain your focus on the road and avoid getting into distracting conversations. Many states have laws against using smartphones for any reason while driving or eating while driving and it would be smart for you to abide by those laws.

Driving While Under The Influence

We could have separated this into two different categories, but it all means the same thing. Whether you are intoxicated or on drugs, you are driving under the influence and a menace to other drivers on the road.

Before smartphones, driving under the influence used to be the largest source of deaths on the roads. Smartphones have overtaken alcohol and drugs as the biggest threats to drivers, but that does not diminish the amount of damage they can do.

Sleeping Behind The Wheel

There have been countless laws passed to prevent truck drivers from falling alseep behind the wheel, but there are no laws to limit how much driving someone can do in a car. If a driver is trying to get home for the holidays and decides to drive until they fall asleep, then they are not going to wind up having a very Merry Christmas.

The highways are filled with rest stops where you can pull over and rest your eyes for a couple of hours before continuing on. If you feel tired behind the wheel, then do yourself and the other drivers on the road a favor and pull over to get some rest.


When drivers exceed the speed limit they are doing more than just breaking the law. A speeding vehicle becomes a deadly weapon that can kill anyone it strikes, and it can kill its driver too. All it takes is one wrong move with the steering wheel and your speeding vehicle is out of control.

Speeding becomes especially dangerous in inclement weather. Even if the speed limit sign says 55 MPH, you should use common sense in bad weather and keep your vehicle to a speed where you can maintain control.

A car accident is normally the result of neglect on the part of one or both of the drivers. When you know what types of activities increase the likelihood that you will get in an accident, then the hope is that you will use caution and avoid those types of situations.
Remember that there is no destination you need to get to that is more important than minding good driving safety rules.