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One of the worst crimes imaginable is sexual abuse or rape, mainly when the victim is a helpless child. Civil and criminal trials are often necessary to seek justice and to protect the victims against further violence. Many survivors of child sexual abuse, however, have been blocked from seeking justice so far.

Since the Child Victims Act, One-Year Window Opened, those who suffered sexual abuse as children can use the legal system to address the damage. Sgarlato Law firm is proactive yet compassionate in the battle for the protection of clients who are sexually abused. Your attorneys in the Sgarlato Law firm Child Victims Act will take whatever measures are necessary to help you get compensation from the parties that have injured you.

Filing a Lawsuit under the Childs Victims Act

The Child Victim Act removes the existing statute of limitations on prosecuting offenses against child sexual abuse and filing civil lawsuits against persons or organizations that led to sexual abuse.

It also provides a one-year window for people who have been child sex abuse victims and whose right of limitations has already expired to file a civil lawsuit against their abuser or institutions who have been liable for monitoring or who have hired their abusers.


What is the Child Victims Act?

The Child Victims Act (CVA) expands the scope of limitations to criminal and civil litigation in New York for a victim of child sexual abuse. This means that a child sexual abuse survivor now has more time to file criminal charges. And, in civil cases, the CVA expands the period during which a child sexual abuse victim may claim monetary damages.

The Child Victim Act also allows the filing of lawsuits against entities that may have been complicit in the violence. Judges will also receive special education in dealing with child sexual abuse cases.


Who Can File for the Child Victims Act?

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you may be able to bring a case against your perpetrator or the agency responsible for initiating the abuse when:

  • The abuse started before your 18th birthday,
  • The abuse occurred in New York State,
  • You have sustained physical, mental or other damages, or
  • You have already filed a claim, but your complaint has been dismissed on the grounds of the expiry of the statute of limitations.


Sgarlato – law fighting for victims

Sgarlato law firm has a history of investigating certain forms of sexual harassment of survivors. If you are a child survivor of sexual abuse and you are now suffering from physical and mental harm, please contact us at (347) 801-8761.

All appointments are free of charge, and you do not have an upfront cost. Unless we can help you obtain compensation, we will not receive payment.

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