Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


Slip and fall accidents can be unexpected and painful. In a perfect world, victims of slip and fall accidents would be able to claim compensation from negligent property owners and that would inspire every property owner to create perfect places to walk. But the reality is that a slip and fall accident can be the result of negligence from the property owner or the victim. When you understand the common causes of slip and fall accidents, you can better protect yourself.

Lack of Attention

If there was one cause of slip and fall accidents that could be attributed to the victim it would be not paying attention to what they are doing. A person who is walking along with their nose in their smartphone will completely miss any good warning signs a property owner has put up. When you are out walking around, always pay attention to the walking conditions and any warning signs.

Parking Lot Issues

Most people take for granted how much time they spend walking in parking lots each year, but parking lot issues rank high on the list of slip and fall causes. Ice in a parking lot is a big culprit because people do not expect to slip on ice in a parking lot. Potholes that fill with snow or ice are also big parking lot problems, as well as a coating of rain water on the surface of a newly paved parking lot.


Slick stairs can be a big problem, especially when those stairs get wet. But even the measures used to prevent slips and falls on stairs can become hazards. A stair rug or mat that is not properly affixed to the stair can become lose and create a slipping hazard. Loose boards on stairways can also create a dangerous slip and fall situation.

Grease Or Oil

Grease or oil spilled from cars can make parking lots, driveways, and roads slippery. When those conditions are combined with rain, you get a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. You should also be aware of grease or oil when walking on a slippery floor in an auto mechanic's shop.


Another common slip and fall catalyst that people ignore are the leaves that fall during autumn. These leaves wind up on the roads, sidewalks, and outdoor stairways all over the area. When the rains come, those leaves are as slippery as any icy surface. This is not only a slip and fall hazard, but it is a driving hazard as well.


Perhaps the most common reason for slip and fall accidents in public or private places is spilled liquids. A spilled liquid of almost any kind on a slippery floor creates an undeniable slip and fall risk. If the liquid is clear and the spill is not cleaned up quickly, it is almost a given that someone is going to get hurt.

If you are injured due to a slip and fall accident, then you should consider filing a claim against the property owner immediately. You should get an experienced slip and fall attorney on your side and get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and get your life back on track.

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