Common Myths About Personal Injury Cases In New York
Published on:August 7, 2022

According to the New York State department of health, the number of emergency department visits in New York continues to increase, with over 1.5 million cases in 2014. The CDC also reports over Ninety-seven million cases of emergency department visits across the US.

Despite these staggering figures, myths about personal injury cases are commonly peddled around, creating misconceptions that hinder victims who suffer personal injury from accidents from pursuing their claims.

This article gives you insights into the most common myths about personal injury cases, especially in New York; read on to access this information.

1. Lawsuits About Personal Injury Cases Take Forever In Court

It is one of the most peddled myths about personal injury cases, wrong information of this sort is rampant on the internet, and unsuspecting victims are deceived from pursuing their claims.

The entire lawsuit process, which includes the paperwork and awaiting the final verdict, is concluded in a short period, usually a few months. A competent attorney will swiftly assemble the necessary facts about the case and forward them to the court to facilitate your compensation in a short time.

2. You must Attend Numerous Hearings

Most victims fear attending court hearings, the stress of leaving work or job, business, family, and other essential things begging for your attention to participate in unlimited court sessions; this is not true.

You are not mandated to attend all the hearings. However, you will have to be present for a few court sessions that don’t last more than a few hours. Moreover, your attorney will do the majority of the talking.

3. You Don’t Need To File Lawsuits For Minor Injuries

You have the right to file a lawsuit irrespective of the magnitude of the injury. You can get medical fees for your treatment, even for minor injuries such as bruises, cuts, or bumps; the injury’s size or extent does not count.

If you are unaware, you can file a minor injury suit to get your compensation. All you need to do is to reach out to competent attorneys in New York who will explain to you in detail what you have to do to get started.

4. You Can File Your Suit After A Long Period

There is a stipulated time within which a victim can tender a suit in court. In New York, the maximum period allowed for filing your injury accident case is three years, after which your claim may not be tenable for hearing.

Make a decision and file your suit without further delays. You don’t have to wait until your case exceeds the statute of limitations before you consult a competent attorney, especially if you stay in New York.

5. Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Very Expensive

Another common myth is that personal injury lawyers are expensive; this fallacy is unfortunate in that it further inflicts harm on a victim who is supposed to be compensated. Not only can the wealthy hire a lawyer, but this is not true.

Don’t be cornered into accepting cheap settlements because you think personal injury lawyers are too expensive. Instead, reach out to a competent attorney in New York to discuss your injury case, and you’ll discover the cost is affordable. Feel free to give us a call or perhaps fill out our contact form to book an appointment. We’ve got you!