Why Your Company Should Have A Real Estate Attorney
Published on:August 18, 2016
Real Estate Attorney

Real estate has always been an investment coveted by corporations, but rarely is the process of buying and owning real estate really understood. By having a qualified real estate attorney available to your company, you can start to streamline your real estate investing policies and get more out of your investments.

A good real estate attorney can make recommendations that will help you to get the most out of your commercial real estate investments. Before your company starts collecting properties for the sake of owning them, you should first take the time to consult with a real estate law expert.

Understanding Zoning Laws

What type of development options does the property you own offer? Can a restaurant be legally placed on your property, or is it not zoned for that type of activity? A big part of owning commercial real estate is understanding the mechanics of selling the property to make a profit. You may have a feel for when to sell the property, but you might not be able to find a buyer if you do not understand the zoning laws.

When you have a competent real estate attorney working for your company, you can have all of your zoning rules in place before you sell the property. Making a profit in real estate is all about timing, and your timing can be impeccable if you have the right legal team behind you.

Buying A Clean Property

You see a piece of property at a great price and you think that it is an investment your company has to make. You know there has to be a catch, but you cannot find it. It is situations like this where a commercial real estate attorney can save you money and perhaps talk you out of a terrible buying decision.

Your commercial real estate attorney will do a title check on the property to see if there are any liens or any other issues with it. It could be that the property is such a great deal because it is burdened with $100,000 worth of tax debt. A commercial real estate attorney can advise you of this situation and help you to make the right decision.

Protection From Lawsuits

You may think that parcel of land you own near developed areas has great profit potential, but it also attracts people looking to sue for injuries. A good commercial lawyer will help you to fend off phony injury lawsuits, and a good attorney can also help to protect against aggressive developers who may want to change the agreement you have with them while a project is underway.

If you do decide to develop the commercial property you own, then having a good commercial real estate attorney is mandatory. Developing property means agreements, contractors, and the potential for conflict. A good commercial real estate lawyer will make sure that you are protected at all times.

Investing in commercial real estate is a great way for corporations to realize new revenue streams and open up potential business opportunities. But without the right commercial real estate attorney on their side, a company may find that owning commercial real estate is not worth the troubles that come with it. Maximize your commercial real estate investment by hiring the services of an experience real estate attorney.