Hot to Prevent Dog Bites
Published on:December 14, 2021

Dogs have been a fantastic companion for adults as they are good playmates for children. It is common knowledge that they serve as pets and are also helpful for security.

The above, notwithstanding, it is paramount that care is taken to prevent dogs from biting you. Dog bites are pretty dangerous.

Dog bites go beyond the physical injury of wounds and bruises, which are painful. They can lead to infections that could be fatal if you don’t seek medical care. Dogs not vaccinated can transmit tetanus, bacteria, or deadly rabies.

Rabies is a viral disease of which dogs and bats are the most common vectors. It implies that a bite from a dog with rabies will be fatal if not treated early.

Our discussion shows that it is better to avoid dog bites rather than treat the same. The following points will give details on how to prevent dog bites:

  1. Learn the Signs

Let us start by looking at the psychological behaviors of a dog that is ready to bite. Dogs play a lot with familiar people but when you observe a dog growling at you, take a cue from such an attack.

Also, when a dog tries to increase its size superficially, that is a red flag – it may bite. A dog hiding its tail between its thighs and tilting backward while maintaining eye contact is threatened and can attack at any time.

Whenever you notice any of the above signals from a dog, the danger is looming, and the best reaction will be to maintain a calm gait around such a dog while avoiding eye contact.

  1. Avoid Dogs’ Sensitive Parts

When playing with dogs, avoid touching sensitive parts such as the tail, the inside of their mouths, or their genitals. Playing with the organs mentioned above will attract spontaneous punishment by biting.

  1. Avoid Patting Strange Dogs

Unless a strange dog overwhelmingly indicates that it is interested in playing with you through excessive grooming, do not pat it.

  1. Stay Calm around Aggressive Dogs

When you come across a strange dog that is already acting aggressively towards you, charging towards you, it is easily discernible that it will bite. What should you do in that situation? Running for one’s safety is the first option that comes to mind, but that is not the best option.

The best option is staying calm while avoiding eye contact. While the dog continues to bark and charge towards you, stay calm without making your gazes meet. When it observes your calmness, it calms down and loses interest in you.

  1. Avoid Attacking Dogs

Doing so spontaneously turns on a dog’s aggressive mode. The consequence of this is a wild chase with severe biting.

But in a situation where a dog bites you as a result of the owner’s negligence, you have every right to get in touch with us. Go ahead and give us a call, or perhaps fill our contact form.