How Low-Level Offenses Can Have Severe Consequences
Published on:November 18, 2021

Most often, people prefer to brush off an offense, plead guilty without any thought of its long-term impacts no matter how little; only to discover in the long run that it comes with numerous hurdles.

Before you plead guilty to any offense, you must know what you’re getting into as absolute awareness of the situation of things will help you prepare for any situation

  1. Having Record

You may not think much about it, but having a criminal record can be life and career-limiting. Most employers make it a requirement not to employ an employee with a criminal record. Apart from employment, some programs reserve the right to reject your application based on a criminal record.

  1.  License losses

A thing as a simple traffic ticket can have severe consequences and can be quite impactful, leading to having your license revoked. Imagine what that could mean to your mental health, accumulating lots of driving points only to lose it.

Aside from your right to drive, one could also lose a professional license, immediately putting an end to a person’s career. A doctor, attorney, therapist, dentist, any professional license can be revoked and your career brought to ruin.

  1. Education impacts

Most college education may learn of your conviction and deny you admission, thereby hampering your life in the process. A crime, such as a misdemeanor, has the tenacity to negatively impact your life for a long time.

  1. Background checks always tell

Whatever you do, there is always someone ready to run a background check, to be certain if you’re the ideal person. From prospective landlords, employers, and even your dream school.

These background checks will always tell on you, until after seven years at least. Once your record has stayed for more than seven years, it will no longer be in your record. That means anyone running a background check will not find anything incriminating.

Working with an experienced lawyer

Whatever be the nature of your case, it is always best to work hand-in-hand with an experienced attorney. With their wealth of experience and study, you’d be able to wiggle your way out of this one without a record to your name.

With a lawyer by your side, you will avoid some common mistakes defendants make, and if possible, exploit loopholes that will help exonerate you from the crime you may or may not have committed.

The long-term impacts of some offenses are not worth it, the reason you must hire an attorney who’s versed with the nature of your case. Go ahead and give us a call, or perhaps fill the contact form to get in touch with our attorneys.