How Social Media Could Affect Your Claim
Published on:July 26, 2018


You get injured due to someone else’s negligence and file a personal injury claim through your attorney. The process always starts with the other insurance company wanting to negotiate a settlement. Sometimes the settlement gets accepted, sometimes your attorney decides that the settlement offer is not enough so a negotiation begins. If the negotiations are successful, then a settlement is reached. If the negotiations are not successful, then you go to court.

Throughout that entire process, and even while the case is in court, the other insurance company’s attorneys are looking for ways to discredit your claim and pay you nothing. If you are not careful about your social media activity, then you might hand the insurance company’s lawyers exactly what they need to make sure that you get no compensation.

Pictures On Social Media

Perhaps the most damaging thing you can do after filing a personal injury claim is to continue posting pictures on your social media pages. Remember that the insurance company’s lawyers will be looking at all of your social media pages for any kind of damaging picture.

Something that may seem harmless to you could wind up killing your whole case. For example, if you submitted an injury claim saying that you cannot move your arm, then a picture of you diving into a pool waving your arms can stop your claim in its tracks.

Posts On Social Media

Since you are not a lawyer, you do not know what kind of statements could damage your claim and put any kind of payout in jeopardy. The smart move is to stop posting on social media completely to avoid any issues. But if you do decide to post on social media, you should never post anything about your case.

The problem with posting on social media is that you never know if the insurance company’s lawyers are following you and posting statements intended to get you to say something damaging to your case. You should avoid saying anything about your case to anyone on social media.

Other People On Social Media

Even if you go to great lengths to not post anything on social media, there is nothing to stop friends or family members from posting items that could damage your case. The insurance company’s lawyers will not just be watching you on social media; they will also be watching everyone you know. If a friend posts a picture of you doing something incriminating or posts a statement you made in confidence, that could do a lot of damage to your case.

The moment you file a personal injury claim, you can bet the lawyers for the opposing side will be watching your social media activity closely. Every social media account you, your family members, and your friends own will be under surveillance. Your best bet is to shut down all of your social media accounts immediately, stay away from situations that could get you in trouble, and avoid talking about your case to anyone.