How to respond to a social media lawsuit at your business

Social media can be a handy tool when it comes to scaling your business - whether it is promoting your business or converting potential leads. However, the many blush and bliss of social media can ultimately turn out to be a tiring uphill run, especially when dealing with social media lawsuits.

No doubt, it can be a nightmare for every business. However, you can always respond to these lawsuits aimed at your business in the best possible way, without harming your business reputation.

But first,

Here are significant reasons why a social media lawsuit may have been filed against your business

1. Sharing individual or group images of people

Just published a stunning image of a beach and feel it would fit perfectly across your Instagram feeds? Sure, it's okay to take photos of people, or places, however, you should obtain written permission from each person involved in the picture before hitting the publish button.

2. Using someone else’s music without permission

Video content and ads don't do well without music accompaniment. As such, sourcing for the right music to fit your video content may lead you to use copyrighted songs that could trigger a lawsuit.

Before you incorporate a piece of music into your videos or podcast as the case may be, ensure you obtain permission from the owner, or perhaps use free royalty sounds for your campaigns.

3. Using photos and images without due permission

Just like using music content that doesn't belong to you, using images or photos without obtaining permission from who owns it or licensing such photos could cost you millions of dollars soliciting for damages.

How to respond to social media lawsuits at your business

1. Seek legal counsel

Whatever the extent of the lawsuit is, first of all, seek legal counsel to know whether to respond to the lawsuits or not. Your legal counsel should also provide insights into how to handle the situation without it escalating.

2. Respond to lawsuits immediately

Even if you feel the lawsuit filed against your business is without merit, do well to respond as swiftly as possible. Tender your counterclaims and evidence.

3. Hire a professional attorney

Social media lawsuits can prove to be very complex and trick, which is why hiring a professional attorney with several years of experience up his/her sleeves is a very pivotal step in responding to lawsuits claims at your business.

Need a professional attorney? We’ve got you covered. Our establishment has a plethora of skilled attorneys who are well versed with social media lawsuit cases.

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