The Human Side Of A Serious Personal Injury Accident
Published on:May 19, 2017

As personal injury attorneys, we give a great deal of information that has to do with the legal side of any lawsuit. We do this because we want our clients to understand the process and know what is expected of them. But we also want our clients to know that we are there to help with the human side of a personal injury case as well. It is important that clients understand all of the implications that a personal injury event could have on their life.

The Potential for Long-Term Changes

To us, the most important aspect of any personal injury case is the long-term health and comfort of our clients. We fight so hard in court because money is an important ingredient to getting good medical attention, and getting the rehabilitation services our clients need. But even a successful personal injury case may not be enough to bring about a complete recovery.

The more serious cases we deal with often have long-term effects on the lives of our clients. Some of our clients lose the ability to use some of their limbs, while others are forced to find work in a new field after years of being in the field they love. The pain associated with a personal injury is often much more than financial.

The Effect on the Family

If a personal injury accident leaves one of our clients disabled or incapacitated in any way, then that can have an adverse effect on the family as well as the client. The client’s children may lose the ability to play with their parent, and the client’s spouse might lose out on a certain level of intimacy with their significant other. While an attorney can ask for compensation for these types of instances, money hardly replaces the physical touch of a loved one.

Significant personal injury accidents can also have effects on a victim that include depression and anxiety. A family that is not used to helping a loved one live with depression or anxiety will have to adjust, and that adjustment can be exceptionally difficult at times.

The Psychological Effects

A personal injury accident can alter your physical health, and it can have devastating effects on your psychological health as well. On top of having to change your life around to accommodate your injuries, there are the effects of worrying about finances and wondering how you will support your family in the future. These psychological effects can be devastating in any context, and they also affect your family as well.

When you have changes in your life that you were not expecting, the sudden nature of those effects can become amplified. It takes a long time to adjust to the effects of a personal injury accident, and a big part of that adjustment is getting your mind to wrap around the changes that you will have to deal with.

As personal injury attorneys, we are very tuned in to the non-legal effects of a personal injury accident. We do everything we can to help our clients get the resources and support they need to handle these unwanted changes in their lives. We make recommendations on how to handle certain types of situations, and we make sure that our clients know that we are only a phone call away if they ever need someone to talk to.