Most Common Work Place Accidents
Published on:October 25, 2018


The work place is where we spend a big part of our week, yet it can still become easy to take safety for granted. Whether you work in the construction industry or you process insurance claims, it might be interesting to note that the most common work place are generally the same. The scope of the accidents might be different and the situations might be altered, but the most common types of workplace accidents all start in much the same way.


Falls from heights are some of the most common forms of accidents in most industries. When people are not paying attention while walking through an area, even if it is an area they have walked through many times before, they can often fall off of a height or miss a stair and fall down a stairwell.

Preventing falls starts with training your employees to be alert whenever they walk through the work place. You should put up signs to warn against falls in parts of your work area, and construction areas should be clearly marked for potential fall hazards.

Slips and Trips

Slips and trips in the work place are almost as common as falls from heights, and they are just as preventable. The causes for slips and trips usually center around an obstacle of foreign substance being placed in a spot where it should not be. If someone does not expect an obstacle in their way, then they will become a slip or trip victim when they walk through their work place unaware.

You should train your staff to be proactive when it comes to keeping walkways clear of obstacles. If someone notices a slippery substance on the floor, then they should call maintenance immediately and remain at that spot until maintenance arrives. Heavily used walkways should not be places where boxes, ladders, brooms, and other obstacles can be left to create tripping hazards.

Falling Objects

If a work force is trained to be alert and understand the principles of safety in their work place, then injuries due to falling objects can be prevented. Tools and materials should always be properly stored when not in use, and workers should always be aware of objects they are carrying up stairways or across walkways and balconies. Falling objects can occur in any type of work place, but they are most common in the construction industry.

Every company should have policies on handling overhead objects. A box of files that falls off the top of a filing cabinet can be just as dangerous as a construction tool falling from one floor to the next. Every company should have safety policies on handling objects to prevent falling objects from causing accidents.

The most common work place accidents cause many injuries every year. But they can be prevented if companies invest in rigid safety training, and if employees make it a personal goal to make their work place as safe as possible.