Motorcycle accident case settled for $1,140,000.00
Published on:March 14, 2019

A lawsuit stemming from a motorcycle accident brought on behalf of a Staten Island
Resident has been settled for the total sum of $1,140,000.00.
The Defendant, Pietro Vitale, claimed that Vincent Bruno, who was riding a
motorcycle at the time, was proceeding along Amboy Road at an unsafe speed. Mr.
Vitale made a left-hand turn from Amboy Road onto Kingdom Avenue and he alleged
that Mr. Bruno’s motorcycle came from out of nowhere and came into contact with
the passenger side of his vehicle. Mr. Bruno was thrown from the motorcycle and
sustained numerous serious personal injuries, including multiple lacerations to his
face which resulted in disfiguring scars.

The matter was on the trial calendar in the Supreme Court, Richmond County with
Justice Judith N. McMahon. On February 26, 2019, the attorneys for the parties
appeared in Court and the matter was settled for $1,140,000.00.

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