Why Do I Need A Real Estate Lawyer?
Published on:March 31, 2016
Real Estate Lawyer

The trend in real estate over the past few years has been a do-it-yourself approach to buying and selling property. While that approach can work in some areas of a real estate transaction, it is not a practical approach to take when it comes to the legal side of the equation. Completing a real estate transaction is more than just signing some forms, and that is exactly why you need a professional attorney to protect your rights throughout the process.

Monitoring the Transaction

You signed your offer sheet and sent it to the buyer in anticipation of getting the property. One of the features you liked about the property was the privacy fence that surrounded the backyard. But when you went back to the property to look it over after your offer was accepted, you notice the fence was gone. What can you do?

A good real estate attorney can monitor the transaction for you and help take care of situations that can arise during the process. If something comes up that requires input from the title insurance company, then you are going to want a good attorney on your side to take care of these types of situations.

Checking Over the Paperwork

When you use the DIY home sales and buying approach, there are usually standard forms the seller uses to complete the transaction. But no two real estate transactions are alike, which means no two sets of real estate transaction documents are the same either. What do you do if you are buying from an attorney and the attorney alters the paperwork in ways you do not understand?

The paperwork for a real estate transaction is complicated and legally binding once you sign it. Before you go to the closing, you need to have the paperwork looked over by an attorney who will check the details and let you know if there are any surprises.

Finalizing the Deal

As your real estate transaction is moving along, the title company discovers that your property lines are based on old measurements. When the new measurements are made, three feet of your property actually sits on the other side of your property line into your neighbor’s property. For older homes, this sort of thing happens frequently, and you need an attorney to help you solve these types of issues.

Your attorney can help to arrange the closing and make sure that everything is in order. If something is not signed or does not seem right at your closing, then your attorney can check into the issue and make sure that you get the exact deal you expected.

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, you should never complete a real estate transaction without an experienced attorney by your side. The other side may or may not have an attorney, but that should not affect your insistence that you have a legal professional protecting your rights and making sure that you are protected throughout the entire process.