New York Car Accidents Involving Teen Drivers
Published on:December 27, 2018


It is a known fact that drivers who are 16 years old have more accidents than any other age group. Young teenagers are excited about getting their license, and they love to have their friends around when they are driving. When you add in the teenage obsession with smartphones, and you get the majority of the reasons why 16-year-old kids in New York cause so many accidents. But what can be done?

Parents Need To Get More Involved

If a young teenager gets their license and it is restricted to day driving only, then parents need to strictly enforce that rule. Parents also need to understand that teaching a teen to drive does not end when that teen gets their license. Parents should take their teen driver out in various driving conditions and help get their teen used to the many different driving conditions other drivers are subjected to.

There Need To Be Rules

Even if parents get their teen driver a car or that teen driver buys their own car, there should be rules to help the teen driver to stay safe. Parents should make sure that their teen goes only as fast as the maximum speed limit on any road they are on, and there should be a limit as to how many friends can be in the vehicle at once. Parents should also tell teens that their phones are to be off when they are driving.

A Little Responsibility Helps

Instead of just handing a teen the keys to a car, parents should make a deal with teens that they have to pay their own car insurance to be on the road. In many cases, teens tend to be much more responsible about driving when they understand the real financial impact of their actions.

Defensive Driving Courses

Parents should encourage older teens to take the defensive driving courses offered by the state. Not only will these courses help lower the teen’s car insurance rates, but it will remind the teen about the benefits of good defensive driving.

Continue Supervised Driving

Not only should parents take their teens out for more driving lessons after the teen gets their license, parents should also tag along unexpectedly with teens when they are planning on driving. Of course, teens will fight this notion at first, but it is all good parenting when you want to be out there making sure your teen is developing into a safe driver.

New York car accidents are more likely to be cause by teen drivers than any other age group. Teens are just learning to drive, so it is important that parents continue to teach teens even after they have received their licenses. Between distracted driving and not being experienced behind the wheel, a teen can be a potential disaster on the road. But with plenty of hard work, a teen and their parents can make sure that good driving skills are par for the course.