New York Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accidents
Published on:June 16, 2022

When vacationing on a cruise ship, a little mishap could turn a fun day into your worst nightmare, often due to common reasons like a slip and fall. That could be due to a slippery deck surface, wear and tear, or even by the pool.

Accidents such as this could be a result of the crew’s negligence or something passengers. For example, a typical sight in a cruise ship is water tracks by guests using the swimming pool, which could become a potential hazard for other passengers.

If you’re a victim of a cruise ship slip and fall accident here in New York, the best you can do is get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Not only will they help you establish your case, but they will also protect your interest and ensure you get the best compensation for your pain and suffering.

Why Cruise Ship Slip And Fall Accidents Are Common

When on a cruise ship, you’re typically crying for an escape. Away from the buzzing city noise as you sail to different attraction points. You want to unwind, to relax a bit while you cruise on a ship. You might even sip some alcohol or snuff some to enhance your mood.

When faced with dimly lit stairwells and hallways, you’re only a little nudge away from the worst. Sometimes it might not be you, maybe due to poor weather. A windy heavy rain could cause a slip and fall on the ship.

One study followed a cruise ship carrying 700 passengers aboard and reported 663 injuries over 3 years. Victims ranged from 1 to 97 years old. They found that slip and fall incidents caused 45% of injuries aboard and 69% of accidents on land.

Hazard on a cruise ship can result from:

  • Poorly maintained elevators, handrails, and escalators
  • A poor-lit hallway or staircase
  • Not having a lifeguard on duty
  • Improper sanitation and hygiene by the crew
  • An excursion like parasailing, diving, snorkeling, ziplining, etc.

While some cruise ships are equipped with a state-of-the-art infirmary, it does not match the treatment and cares you can get from the hospital. In addition, if the ship is too far away from land, this can lead to complications later.

Being hurt while on a cruise ship could compound thousands of dollars in medical bills and even years of treatment to recover. With adequate financing, recovery is almost impossible. Our job is to protect your interest and ensure you’re compensated, and justice served. If you or someone you know was hurt on a cruise ship here in New York, feel free to contact us by calling or filling out our contact form to book an appointment.