Oopsy Daisy! It’s a Snow and Ice Claim
Published on:January 8, 2015

Oopsy Daisy! It's a Snow and Ice ClaimNothing is quite as magical as pretty little snowflakes falling from the sky but once they have accumulated on the ground, snow can be a real headache for property owners and managers. Those who own homes and businesses in Staten Island are responsible for removing this white winter blanket and that can be a real chore. A personal injury claim could mean big problems for landowners and snow removal companies if someone has an accident by falling on ice or snow.

By keeping their properties reasonably safe during the winter months, owners and managers can easily avoid snow and ice claims. It is important to note that even snow removal companies can be liable in some snow and ice claims! The law states that individuals should be able to travel safely, even in the winter, so it is important to keep all natural and unnatural snow and ice issues under control.

Snow and Ice: Who is Liable?

Dangerous walking conditions caused by snow and ice can mean big legal troubles for Staten Island owners, managers and snow removal companies, as responsibility dictates that reasonable care must be taken to keep their properties safe at all times. Failure to maintain reasonable care could be considered negligence in a court of law, resulting in huge medical claims, work compensation and legal expenses.

If You’re Injured by a Slip and Fall involving Snow and Ice

If you are a victim of negligence that has been injured in an accident involving snow and ice, you should immediately seek the appropriate medical treatment, even if your injuries are not yet apparent. While you may feel fine now, it is possible for aches, pains and even injuries may present themselves a few hours after a fall. Some of the more traumatic results of snow and ice accidents include bone fractures and breaks, spinal cord issues, concussions and severe brain injuries.

You or someone you trust should also take pictures of the location of the fall, including the source of the ice, if applicable. This could be a faulty guttering system or an open dumping line where water escapes. If no one was able to secure photographs during the accident, be sure to send someone back to the scene later for images. Photographic evidence will help your personal injury lawyer prove the negligence, document the injury and present your case to the court.

It is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer right away, as he will need to contact the property owner about the accident as soon as possible. Make an appointment with a liability lawyer right away, bringing all of the evidence and medical records you have accumulated thus far. Some states require the property owner to be notified of a snow and ice injury within thirty days, but your Staten Island personal injury attorney will make sure your claim is heard in court.

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney for your Snow and Ice Claim

Choose an liability lawyer that will protect your legal rights and prove responsibility for injuries occuring after a fall on snow and ice. Snow and ice cases are complex and each one is different, requiring representation from an experienced and resourceful personal injury attorney that understands the law well. Due to this complexity, a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended for all snow and ice slip and fall injuries.