Why Personal Injury Clients Should Never Talk To Insurance Companies
Published on:May 5, 2016
Personal Injury

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, most people want to do what they would consider to be the right thing. This would include reporting the accident to their own insurance company, and then cooperating with the insurance adjusters from the other party’s insurance company as well. But as any good personal injury lawyer will tell you, the worst thing an accident victim can do is talk to the other insurance company on their own.

Insurance Adjusters Can Be Deceiving

Not all insurance adjusters pretend to be your friend to get you to agree to a settlement, but many adjusters do use that tactic on a regular basis. Within a day or two of an accident happening, you will get a call from an adjuster who claims to be working in your best interests.

The truth is that the adjusters work for the insurance companies, and they are going to try to get the victims to sign settlements that are usually inadequate to solve the property loss and medical issues the victims have experienced.

Anything You Say Will Be Used

When an insurance adjuster gets a statement from you, that statement is usually recorded. If you say something that could damage your case, or you forget to mention something that could be important to your case, then the adjuster will pick up on it and use it against you.

To you, it feels like you are doing the right thing by giving an accurate statement to an insurance adjuster. But to the adjuster, it is an opportunity to use your own words against you and limit the settlement you will get.

Never Settle Before You Go To The Doctor

Many personal injury cases tend to change after the victim has gone to see a doctor. The moment the accident happens, the victim may not feel injuries because of the adrenaline that is going through their body. But once the adrenaline has subsided and they have had time to go to the doctor, they may find out that their condition is worse than they expected.

The insurance adjuster will try to get the victim to agree to a settlement before the adrenaline subsides and before the victim sees the doctor. This is just one tactic adjusters use to try and limit how much their insurance company employer has to pay out.

Signing Papers And Making Statements

Insurance adjusters will attempt to get accident victims to sign medical waivers and make damaging statements and pass them off as standard procedure. Personal injury victims need to remember that they are not obliged to talk to the other party’s insurance company until they have spoken with their own lawyer. There is no such thing as a standard procedure when it comes to making sure that an accident victim gets the settlement they need to put their life back together.

A personal injury attorney will insist that their client not talk to the other party’s insurance company for a variety of very good reasons. If you are involved in a car accident, then you should never talk to the other party or their insurance company about the incident. You should collect the information you need to make a claim with your company, and then turn the process over to your personal injury attorney.