Safe Driving Tips For Fall


The fall brings about sunny mornings, cold weather, plenty of rain, and falling leaves. All of these elements combine together to create a beautiful and relaxing environment, but they can also create treacherous driving conditions. As fall weather gets closer, it is important for drivers to be on the look-out for weather-enhanced driving conditions that can make driving potentially dangerous.

Problems Caused By The Sun

The sun rises at such a unique angle during the fall that it can cause a tremendous glare on the roads in the mornings that can be dangerous. If the roads are wet with frost or rain then the glare is going to be even worse. Drivers who have to be on the roads during the early morning hours should be aware of this unique glare to the sun and prepare for it with sunglasses that offer protection on all sides of the eyes.

Be Careful Of Leaves

While leaves are not nearly as dangerous to drivers as snow, wet leaves can be a driving hazard that could lead to a serious accident. In the mornings, leaves lying on the road in the morning frost can be extremely slippery. In general, wet leaves when piled together onto a road can also present a driving hazard. You should drive on leaves, wet or seemingly dry, as you would ice to make sure you are always safe.

Falling Branches

Drivers know to watch for falling branches in the winter because of the added weight of ice and snow on dead branches, but the fall also brings branch hazards as well. The fall and spring are two times of the year where the winds can reach exceedingly high speeds, but fall can present extra dangers because branches are shedding their leaves for the winter and are more susceptible to falling than in the spring. As you drive around in wind storms during the fall, be very careful of falling branches. You should also look for falling branches in the road to avoid damaging your car.

Watch For School Kids

Drivers should always watch for pedestrians when driving, but during the fall there is the added hazard of school kids running in and out of the roads. During the winter there are natural barriers such as snow piles that prevent kids from darting in and out of the roads, but those piles do not exist in the fall which means that kids will be running in and out of the street and causing plenty of headaches for drivers.

The fall brings beautiful colors and a break from the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer. But fall also brings driving hazards that can make the roads especially dangerous. Proactive drivers should be on the look out for fall-related driving hazards and doing everything they can to prevent accidents with other vehicles and pedestrians.

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