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On average, two construction workers die from the United States every day while at the worksite. Many more are injured. Construction work by its very nature is very dangerous, which is why one out of five workplace deaths tend to be attributed to construction work. If you or a loved one is injured or killed on a construction worksite, it is imperative that you contact a construction accident lawyer in Staten Island for assistance. The laws surrounding construction sites are complex, but the personal injury lawyers at Sgarlato & Sgarlato are well-versed and ready to fight for what you deserve.

Demand Compensation for a Construction Accident

Outside of workers’ compensation, an employee usually cannot sue their employer for injuries, but other parties may also be responsible for what occurred. Depending on the type of accident, an employer also may be responsible if the accident occurred because of faulty safety equipment or improper training. Most employers will not volunteer this information and will attempt to push injuries under the rug if they can by offering small incentives like paid time off following an injury. Do not be tricked by their offers of false support. Contact Sgarlato & Sgarlato to get the support of construction accident lawyers in Staten Island who know the system and can fight for you.

You Are Entitled to Compensation Following a Construction Accident

We look at every responsible party following a construction accident to determine which party or parties owe you compensation for your injury. Not only should you receive compensation for your medical expenses, but you are owed money for your pain and suffering, emotional health, and loss of income during the time of recovery and potentially afterward if your injury is expected to cause long-term disability or a diminished quality of life. Our construction accident lawyers will not stop until you receive a settlement that matches what you have been through.


Who Is Responsible Following a Construction Accident in Staten Island?

Your employer, owner of the premises, general contractor, or any other contractor involved in the building project where you are injured could all potentially be held liable for your injury, and we will ensure that every single one of them is held accountable. Construction workers are commonly injured or even killed by falls, objects that strike them with a high velocity or weight, electrocution, and/or becoming a wedge between two objects on the worksite. It is easy to see how any of these accidents could occur if someone is negligent on the worksite or employees are not properly trained on the worksite.


Get Support from Top-Rated Staten Island Construction Accident Lawyers

If you have been injured on a construction worksite you are already a victim. Don’t let your employer victimize you again by refusing to compensate you properly. Contact Sgarlato & Sgarlato and get help from our Staten Island construction accident attorneys today.

We handle all types of construction accidents in Staten Island  

Dangers and hazards are parts of every job, but a laborer working on the construction site accounts for the highest proportion of disruptive on-the-job injuries. The families become victims of the accident aftermath as some injuries cause life-altering damage to a person.

The Staten Island construction accident lawyers at Sgarlato understand that these accidents cease the earning process making the entire family handicapped and standard. We can provide comprehensive legal representation in case of any accident type. Some of the most commonly occurring accident types are

Falls from Heights, Scaffolding, or Ladder

Statistics claim that 42% of construction site fatalities result from falls from height or ladder, dropping objects striking a person, and scaffold collapse. It is the responsibility of the third party to ensure the implementation of the Scaffold law to protect the workers from height-related accidents. 

Electrocution Accidents 

According to OSHA, electrocution is one of the four fatal accidents that may cause intense damage to several internal and external body parts. As workers on construction sites are exposed to the risk of potentially high voltage and electrical equipment, electrical safety should be the top priority.

Heavy Machinery Accidents

Heavy machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, backhoes, pay loaders, and forklifts also cause dangerous and fatal accidents if a novice operates. Many factors cause heavy machinery accidents, such as lack of training or skills, defective parts or machinery, and equipment failure.

In case of any negligence in these areas, third-party may be held liable for the unavailability of safety gears and devices. To ensure you get lawful compensation in any such situation, get the assistance of an expert Staten Island construction accident lawyer from Sgarlato.

Construction Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Construction site accidents often result in severe injuries that affect the victim’s quality of life. Some of the most common injuries taking place at construction sites are:

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common injuries on the construction site. A concussion is the most well-known TBI, wherein different regions of the brain get injured by any falling load or object from height, an explosion of material containing glass or debris, and getting struck by heavy equipment. 

Fractured Bones and Joints 

Owing to the physical nature of the work, it becomes inevitable to get fractures in bones and joints. Heavy load landing on an arm or leg, falling objects from height, slipping on spilled oil, or hand getting stuck in a machine are some of the common reasons behind broken or fractured bones and joints.

Spinal Cord Injuries 

Spinal cord injury is the most difficult to treat among construction site injuries. The spinal cord is the bundle of nerve fibers connecting the brain to the rest of the body. If the coordination between body and brain is disrupted due to the spinal cord injury, a person may suffer complete paralysis or organ failure, and sometimes it proves fatal.

In case of any negligence in these areas, third-party may be held liable for the unavailability of safety gears and devices. To ensure you get lawful compensation in any such situation, get the assistance of an expert Staten Island construction accident lawyer from Sgarlato.

New York Labor Law-Overview

Several fatal accidents and traumatic injuries can be prevented if the construction site workers and property owners follow all the precautionary measures and laws. New York labor laws Sections 200, Section 240, and Section 241 provide the basic rights to workers in New York and ensure safety at construction sites. Violation of these laws holds the person accountable for fatal and dangerous accidents.

Labor Law 200

Labor law 200 requires the contractors and property owners to ensure all reasonable care and safety to all construction site workers. To comply with this regulation, construction sites must offer reasonable and adequate protection for the health, safety, and lives of those on the job site.
All the machinery, equipment, and devices must be set up, operated, guarded, and lit to provide reasonable and adequate protection for these individuals.
Labor law 200 also ensures the enforcement of construction site sanitation, fire suspension system health facilities, elevators, and protection from industrial radiations. Furthermore, it provides the basic rights to the worker who sustained the injuries caused by any potential reasons on the construction site.
Violating this law can provide a ground for workers to take legal action against this negligence. If your case involved the negligence of this law, do share it with your Staten Island construction accident lawyer so that they can advise you on the best way forward.

Labor law 240 (1)

Labor law 240 is also known as the ‘Scaffold Law.’ This law ensures the safety of workers while using scaffolds, ladders, or any other height involving task. The law requires that Scaffolding higher than 20 feet off the ground or floor be equipped with a bolted safety rail and be fastened in a way that prevents swaying.
Making the scaffolding bear four times the maximum weight of the people and objects is essential. This ensures the safety of workers working on the ground, potentially at risk of being struck by falling objects.
Labor law 240 covers specific types of work such as repairing, demolition, painting, and alteration of buildings. All the workers should be well-trained and provided with well-maintained equipment to avoid any gravity-related injury.
Property owners, contractors, or project managers can be held accountable for any scaffolding accident or injury caused by falling objects. Workers can still claim legal action against the contractor if he provides the proper Scaffolding but doesn’t train the worker to use the protective equipment at the construction site.
Not every fall from a ladder or scaffold violates Labor Law 240; the basic purpose is to provide a safe workplace to workers at construction sites.

Labor law 241 (6)

Detailed requirements are outlined in the law for construction, demolition, and excavation on the worksite, as well as the actions that must be taken and the safety equipment that must be used. This law makes it mandatory to install planking thick enough to prevent falls and cave-ins during the construction and demolition of buildings. Moreover, it specifies how sites should be protected and arranged to protect workers and how glass doors should be installed to prevent accidents.
On the other hand, Labor Law 241(6) allows for the percentage of employee fault to be deducted from any recovery, in contrast to Labor Law 240(1), which does not permit comparative fault on the part of the worker.

In case of any negligence in these areas, third-party may be held liable for the unavailability of safety gears and devices. Since the time limit for filing lawsuits varies in each state, typically, an injured worker has three years of time limitation to file a lawsuit under New York labor law of section 241. So ensure you get lawful compensation in any such situation by getting the assistance of an expert Staten Island construction accident lawyer from Sgarlato.

What Types Of Compensation Are Available For Damage Caused By Accidents On Staten Island?

Each year thousands of laborers or workers get killed or severely injured in construction site accidents, even though owners, contractors, and sub-contractors are made to implement all the possible precautionary measures. To ensure the safety of workers, labor laws are enforced on construction sites, and damage is compensated in case of laws violation.

Staten Island Construction accident lawyer can guide you to seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages and income
  • Future medical treatment 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Loss of loved ones and financial support (in case of a fatal accident)

The medical facility is the primary requirement of the victim or injured person. If you or your loved ones have been injured on a construction site, seek immediate attention from a company doctor or medical specialist. As the workers on the construction site experience traumatic injuries, it may take weeks or even months to recover and return to work. 

To take care of the finances, you can file for compensation for your incurred damages. This helps you manage your situation with a little ease.

It is important to understand your legal rights and consider all the possible ways to get justice. If you were injured at work, don’t hesitate to contact our qualified Staten Island Construction accident lawyers to discuss your needs so that we can ensure your medical treatment and lost wages can be recovered as you are entitled.


Am I entitled to recover compensation after a construction accident?

You are entitled to recover compensation if the accident is caused by unsafe work conditions or a violation of labor laws. You can file a lawsuit against the responsible third party.

Am I entitled to compensation if I get injured while walking past a construction site?

Suppose you are not working on the construction site and visiting or passing by the construction site with legal permission. In that case, you are still eligible for compensation in case of an injury.

What damages are recoverable in construction site accidents?

Well, it depends on the nature of the injury and case. Typically an injured person is entitled to pursue compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of income or wages.

When should I file a claim after a construction site accident?

In New York, the statute of limitation is three years from the date of the accident. Delay in filing the lawsuit can deprive you of the recovery compensation.

When should I contact the attorney or lawyer after a construction site accident?

Construction site accident case involves a highly complex set of laws. In case of any injury, it is essential to contact a personal injury lawyer in Staten Island to demand maximum compensation. If you prolong the decision, the statute of limitation may run out, making you unable to recover any damage

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