Steps to Take After Getting Bit by a Dog

Taking care of yourself after a dog bite can slow you down; the time you would have used to be at work and be productive is being spent in the hospital. Your plans and schedules are thwarted, and getting medical treatment may be expensive, leaving your spirits dampened and at a loss for an attack that was not your fault.

Don’t beat yourself up; you can get the justice you so deserve and be well compensated. However, you need to be intentional in the steps you take so you don't end up making matters worse. For instance, don't try to fight the dog or harm it after you have been bitten; instead, take these steps:

Get Medical Help

Getting bitten by a dog is a bad experience you wouldn't be quick to forget, even after years have gone by. Apart from the physical agony, the bite inflicts you, you risk getting an infection and being psychologically affected by the experience, leading to PTSD.

When a dog sinks its teeth into your leg and slinks away, the first action you need to take is to find the nearest running water and wash the injury for about 15 minutes.

Next, clog the bleeding by wrapping the injury with a clean cloth or bandage; apply an antibiotic cream if you have one handy, then call 911.

File A Report

Calling 911 presents an opportunity to file a report to the police; they will document the incident as they are present and witness seeing the dog bite on your body, proved by the medical personnel. Once you have filed a report to the police, you have a solid ground to begin your lawsuit against the dog owner. 

Gather Relevant Information

As soon as possible, gather details and information about the rogue dog's owner, where they live, and phone number(s). If there were people who witnessed the tragic attack, collect their phone numbers and addresses too.

Lastly and equally important, contact the dog’s vet doctor to get relevant information about its health. You need to know if the dog has rabies or any contagious infectious disease so you can go about taking appropriate medical treatments. 

Capture Your Wound

Make sure to take photographs of the injury as a backup to the medical reports so that you are fully prepared to provide evidence. If you can, snap a picture of the dog and the place you were bitten; it will go a long way in boosting your case. 

The Personal Injury Lawyer

You need to hire a personal injury lawyer and present all your findings and evidence; the lawyer will prepare your case and handle all legal representation in the court.

After you have taken the necessary steps above, the rest of the task is to be handled by your injury lawyer, and with all the initiative you've taken, you are sure to win your case.

Feel free to call us, or perhaps fill our contact form to begin. Our years of study and experience is your edge to winning this case without a hurdle.

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