The Biggest Personal Injury Myths You Need To Stop Believing
Published on:June 4, 2022

Many personal injury myths often seem valid on the surface, but they are nothing but myths that should be trashed without a second thought. These myths can cause substantial damage by making the victim misunderstand the nuances of their case.

If you or someone you love has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you must seek counsel from an expert. Unfortunately, asking your friends and family is sometimes a bad idea since they know nothing about personal injury in New York.

Here are some common myths surrounding personal injury claims:

  1. Minor injuries aren’t a big deal

If you sustained a minor injury due to someone’s negligence, you’re likely to be told that minor injuries aren’t a big deal. Fortunately, it is a big deal, and your best bet would be to get in touch with a personal injury attorney.

Your attorney will advise you never to see your injury as minor since it can spiral out of control when you least expect it. There’s also the potential for lasting psychological harm, which, if left treated, can result in something big.

  1. Save money by representing yourself

When you’re involved in a personal injury case, the worst advice you can listen to is to believe you can represent yourself in court. Insurance adjusters are likely to offer a low settlement without a sound personal injury attorney.

But with an attorney by your side, you’ll face less pressure from the insurance company. You also have a better chance of negotiating a better offer. Hiring an attorney might cost you some money, but you get the total compensation you wouldn’t usually get if you were representing yourself.

  1. You can file your personal injury claim anytime

Immediately you sustain an injury, there is a statute of limitation placed on your case. This is how long injury victims can wait before filing. For instance, New York has a time frame of three years.

After which, you’re no longer eligible to file for a personal injury claim. It is best to file a claim as soon as possible to avoid missing your compensation.

  1. You’ll ruin someone’s finances by filing a claim

It is often from the perpetrators, and they aim to get you to drop the case and rather die in silence. In this case, it’s better to think about your financial future, health, and recovery ability.

If you don’t sue, you end up incurring expenses. Please note that when you file a claim, their insurance company will cover the settlement.

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