Top Ten Personal Injury Claim Tips
Published on:April 12, 2018


A personal injury claim is something that can help you to get the compensation you need to get back the quality of life you enjoyed before your accident. Before you place your claim, there are some tips you should take that will help you to get the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Hire A Lawyer

Some people think they can save the lawyer fees because to them their personal injury claim looks like a “no-brainer.” The insurance company you are going to be up against is going to have at least one lawyer working on your claim, and they will try to find a way to deny it. To even the playing field, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Stay Off Social Media

The insurance company attorneys we discussed will be watching your social media accounts closely to see if you post any comments or pictures that could ruin your case. The best approach is to delete all of your social media pages to avoid any problems.

Stay Away From Social Gatherings

Deleting your social media pages is pointless if you go out to a bar with your friends and they post incriminating pictures of you. Until your case is settled, it is best to stay indoors and away from social gatherings.

Do Not Talk To The Insurance Company

The insurance company for the defendant will try repeatedly to get you to settle your case before filing a claim. You should never field any calls from the insurance company and you should never agree to any settlement. Tell the insurance company to contact your attorney to discuss those details.

Do Not Talk To The Other Party

Tempers are probably going to be high between you and the other party (defendant), which means that you should avoid contact with them at all costs. They might be recording phone calls and trying to get you to say something that could ruin your case. If the defendant wants to talk to you, tell them to contact your attorney.

Do Not Talk About The Case To Anyone

While your claim is being processed or your case has gone to court, you should avoid talking about it with anyone. This includes close friends and family members, even those you feel you can trust. You never know what can happen during a personal injury claim, which is why silence is the best policy.

Do What Your Lawyer Tells You

There may be times when your lawyer gives you advice that seems strange or even possibly counter-productive. It is important to remember that your attorney is on your side and very experienced in these personal injury claim situations. You should always do what your attorney tells you if you want to get the best possible results.

Make Sure To Take Plenty Of Pictures Of The Accident Area

If you are able, you should try to take a lot of pictures of the accident area in case there are changes made after your injury. If you cannot take pictures, then you should have a friend or someone you trust take pictures for you.

Let Your Lawyer Negotiate

The vast majority of personal injury claims end in a settlement that is negotiated between the two parties. You should never accept the first settlement offer, and you should always let your lawyer do the negotiating.

Be Patient

Getting a settlement or ruling your favor is not the end of your personal injury claim. It is more like the midway point of a very long process. It is best to be patient and allow the process to run its course.