Understanding Why Your Social Security Disability Claim Was Denied
Published on:September 30, 2019


The circumstances that lead you to seeking Social Security Disability support can be difficult to endure. Unfortunately, while your claim can lead to valuable aid, the process of submitting for disability benefits can be confusing, or difficult. Roughly thirty percent of the Social Security Disability claims that are received pass the initial evaluation without being rejected. Denial can be scary and frustrating, and it can happen at a particularly difficult time. Having legal support while making your claim can help you navigate this experience, and receive your approval with less difficulty.

You Can Appeal a Denial of Your Disability Claim

If you have your claim denied, you do have the ability to appeal. In fact, appealing can be a more successful strategy than trying to file a new claim entirely. A record of past denied claims can make your active claim appear suspect, and hurt your ability to pursue a matter. Appealing can keep your claim open, and give you the opportunity to address whatever shortcoming or shortcomings hurt your initial effort.

You May Require Better Medical Records to Move Your Claim Forward

Your claim for disability benefits should be backed with a clear medical reason that helps make your situation clear to reviewers. This means more than just establishing that you have a history of health troubles, or a particular injury. In your records. In your documents, you should be able to show that your ability to keep up with the demands of your job has been compromised by your medical situation. Your primary care physician can share records that prove you had to miss work to make an appointment, or show a recommendation to modify your schedule. Talking to your doctor about the way your health condition is interfering with your professional life can be important, as it can lead to pertinent documentation of work-related details.

Keep Up With Your Treatment

Your record should show that you are keeping up with the treatment that has been recommended to you. Evidence that suggests otherwise can result in your claim being denied. If you find it hard to manage your treatment demands, address this with your physician, this is something you can address during your appeal. Professional legal counsel can help you with this, as it may be difficult to prove that your injury is as serious as you claim when you are ignoring recommended steps towards recovery.

Make Sure You Follow the Application Process

The circumstances of your injury or illness can affect your experience with receiving disability benefits. If you are not providing documents that are being requested, or attending required examinations, it can lead to a denial. Of course, it can feel overwhelming dealing with your health while also fielding requests for information. Legal counsel can make this difficult time less stressful, as you have someone with experience in Social Security Disability claims guiding you and advocating for you. As a result, this potentially overwhelming application process can be properly handled, and you can receive the compensation that you require!