The Unexpected Turns Of A Personal Injury Lawsuit
Published on:April 4, 2017


There are many people who try to pursue a personal injury lawsuit on their own, or they decide that accepting the insurance company’s offer is the best way to go just to get the whole thing over with. Many lawyers will take on personal injury cases for free and only take a percentage of your settlement, and insurance companies are notorious for making people regret their decisions.

Before you try to go about your injury or lawsuit the easy way, there are some unexpected turns you should know about that could change your life. A personal injury lawsuit only starts when you get your settlement. For some people, the content of the lawsuit goes on for the rest of their lives.

An Accident Can Cost You Much More Than You Expected

One of the reasons people hire experienced attorneys for their personal injury cases is because an inexperienced person may have difficulty understanding the long-term effects of an injury. You may think you feel fine in the immediate aftermath of your accident, but the long-term effects could change your life and cause you a tremendous amount of financial strain.

You might find that you cannot go back to work as quickly as you thought, and your injuries may force you to give up your job for good and find a new way to make a living. An attorney can help to detect these potential problems and get you a settlement that will offset the financial mess an accident creates.

The Insurance Company is not on Your Side

When people decide to take an insurance company’s settlement without consulting an attorney, they often find out later that it was a huge mistake. If you have medical or property damage issues that are not covered by the settlement, then those costs come out of your pocket. You cannot go back to an insurance company to add to a settlement, and not even your lawyer can protect you when you sign the papers agreeing to take what the insurance company offered.

It is best to assume that the insurance company is not on your side, no matter how bad your injuries may be. You need to get a qualified attorney who can speak for you and make sure that you get the settlement you not only deserve, but the settlement you so desperately need.

The Pain can get Worse

An experienced attorney knows how to create a settlement that leaves the door open for more negotiations if your injuries get worse. It is possible that your accident caused a problem that was not detected by medical experts when you filed your claim. Years later, something could occur that would significantly affect your life and you could be stuck with even more financial burden.

A good attorney can help you to prove that your latent injury was the result of your accident, and go after the insurance company for more compensation. Since you allowed your lawyer to talk to the insurance company and did not accept a settlement on your own, you allow yourself the opportunity to get compensation for any residual physical damage the accident had done to your body.

A personal injury lawsuit is a complicated process that should be handled by an attorney. The insurance companies have armies of attorneys protecting their best interests, and you need an attorney of your own to make sure that your side of the story is heard and that you get the compensation you deserve.