What is negligent security?
Published on:January 10, 2022

Negligent security is an area of law that holds property owners liable for injuries or financial damages visitors incur due to their negligence. Property owners are expected to take measures that make their property safe for visitors or customers.

When you visit a property, you have the right to be safe, and the property owner has to ensure that their premises are secure. Most times, property owners fail to take the appropriate security measure that helps keep visitors or customers safe.

If you suffer any injury or perhaps you were robbed or assaulted on someone else’s property, you may have a negligent security claim. That means you can potentially file a personal injury claim to get compensated for any medical cost, loss of wages, including pain and suffering.

What is considered negligent security?

Property owners need to take appropriate security measures to prevent violent crimes from happening on their premises. They can, for instance, install CCTV cameras, and also make sure that the gates and doors are properly locked. Here are some examples of negligent security.

  1. No security system

Property owners need to make reasonable efforts to make sure their property is safe, such as installing CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and door locking mechanisms. Not having such systems in place can be negligent security. In a case where the property owner installed these systems but failed to fix a broken security camera or alarm, they could also be liable.

  1. No Security guard

In places like bars, a nightclub, or concerts, having security guards is necessary. Failure to have such a professional in such a place is negligent security. Hiring untrained security guards who failed to take the right measure during an emergency can also result in negligent security.

  1. Poor or broken lighting

Criminals have a thing for darkness, and they feel protected by it. Failing to install proper lighting on your property can be negligence. Ensuring your property is properly illuminated will deter criminals from your property. Also, failure to fix a broken or dead bulb is negligent security.

  1. Proving negligent security

The fact is that every property comes with diverse security requirements. A nightclub, for example, might need a security guard that helps keep customers safe. A retail store, on the other hand, might not need a security guard but rather, security cameras and alarm systems.

When the inevitable happens, it might be somewhat tricky to know whether you have a claim or not. If you can prove that the property owner was negligent, you’re on your way to getting compensated for any loss or damages.

If that is the case, you can’t do without a personal injury attorney. Feel free to get in touch by calling, or perhaps fill our contact form.