What should I do if another dog bites my dog?
Published on:February 14, 2022

When a ferocious dog bites your pup, it can create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, leading to an even more complicated issue. If left unattended, the wound might get infected, resulting in death.

When another dog bites your dog, think of it the way you’d think of an auto accident. When in such a situation, the person in control of the dog is responsible for damages. A dog owner is entirely responsible when his or her dog gets out of control.

What should you do when another dog bites your dog?

Visit the vet

Before you rain down brimstone for seeing your furry friend hurt, first ensure your dog gets the needed medical attention fast. Get in touch with your veterinary so your four-legged friend wouldn’t have to be in pain for long.

Contact Dog Owner

Once your dog is getting medical attention, get in contact with the dog owner and make them an offer. You might need to work with an attorney to help with drafting and legal advice. You have the right to sue if they don’t propose a good offer.

File A Lawsuit

It should be your last resort when the dog owner refuses to cooperate. Your attorney will guide you on every step to ensure you don’t make any mistake with the lawsuit.


A Trespasser

A property owner is not responsible if his dog bites another dog whose owner is trespassing or committing a crime on the property.

Law Enforcement Dog

Someone caring for a law enforcement dog is not liable for damages if the dog should bite another dog. The reason is pretty simple since the statue assume that the person does not have exclusive control of the dog at all time.

Abusing, Taunting, Teasing

If you were teasing, abusing, or taunting another dog and it resulted in your dog getting bitten, the owner is not responsible for the dog’s action.

Your claim if another dog bites your dog

When another dog bites your dog, the dog owner owes you dog veterinary care, surgical cost,, and other related expenses. If your dog is merely a companion, this will incur other damages such as training costs and others.

If the dog owner has insurance in place, they can quickly turn to their insurance company for assistance. The insurance company will investigate the claim and determine if the dog owner is legally liable before paying the claim.

Work with an attorney

For the best representation and guidance, you must work with an experienced personal injury attorney. Not only will they guide you with their sound legal advice, but they will also help you file a lawsuit if the dog owner becomes uncooperative. Looking for such an attorney? Go ahead and give us a call or perhaps fill out our contact form.