What Should You Do If You or a Pedestrian Is Hit by a Vehicle?
Published on:July 13, 2022

In 2018, about 6,227 pedestrians were killed in US roadway accidents caused by unsafe driving behavior, poor city design, increased exposure to traffic, and driving under the influence. If you or a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, you should first seek medical attention.

Some accidents can become life-threatening if medical care is delayed. You’re likely to feel disoriented and confused at the moment of impact. If you can, move out of the street and into a safe area and remain calm.

That is the perfect moment to call the police or any emergency number. In Staten Island, New York, calling 911 is your surest bet.

Document Your Injuries

Many attorneys advise taking pictures and videos immediately after the accident happens. It will go a long way to help build a strong claim. But how do you take photos if your phone got damaged in the impact? 

In that case, you can always ask witnesses to take pictures of your injuries. However, not all injuries are visible, so it is essential to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

You must also document every step that led to you getting hit since you’re likely to forget important details later when you’re with the police. Your doctor’s report on your injuries will also come in handy, especially regarding how much you have spent treating your injuries.

Get Driver’s And Witnesses’ Contacts

It would help if you kept the driver at the scene till the police arrived. If that’s not possible, get hold of the driver’s number, plate number, or name. Don’t forget the witnesses, as they are essential to your claim.

Get the contact details of everyone that witnessed the accident, just in case they are nowhere to be found when the police arrive. Do not sign any document given to you by the driver’s insurance company or the police unless you were asked to provide an account of what happened.

If you have car insurance, consider contacting them too. While you may have been involved in a pedestrian accident, most car insurance policies cover these types of accidents.

Seek Legal Assistance

A personal injury attorney is your best chance at getting compensated for the unpleasant ordeal. If you’re in Staten Island, you can work with the best attorneys with vast experience handling this kind of claim. Feel free to contact us by calling or filling out our contact form to book an appointment. We’ve got you!