What to do after a car accident in New York
Published on:August 10, 2021

What to do after a car accident in New York

Car accidents are quite rampant in New York, with reports from the New York Department of Health stating car accidents are responsible for 91-percent of the death occurrence throughout the state. 

Car accidents are quite the experience no one wishes or prepares for. Hence, making car accident victims stuck in a dilemma thinking of what to do after it occurs.

One thing is certain, seeking medical attention after the accident! Otherwise, here is what to do after a car accident in New York.

     1. Remain at the scene while seeking the attention of the police

According to the New York State vehicle and traffic law (VAT or VTL) sections 600 and 601, respectively. Anyone involved in a car accident is required to remain at the scene of the incident while seeking the attention of the police. During this time, you shouldn’t move vehicles involved. However, you can seek safety if the incident requires it.

Also, the law requires you to exchange your information with the other people involved in the accident.

    2. Exchange your information with other victims involved

In the likely event of a car accident, the law requires you to exchange your information with other drivers involved. That includes names, addresses, insurance company information( Name and identification number inclusive). While doing this, request to see the license, registration, and insurance of the other driver involved.

     3. Avoid making statements on the scene

Often, car accident victims move to make statements on the scene. While this may most times result in heated arguments, you should avoid this at all costs. You never know what’s going to put you in a mess. 

     4. Witnesses may come in handy

Whenever possible, try to obtain contact as well as information of witnesses around the scene of incidence. You can ask for the name, address, and contact information should a need for a witness arrive later on.

    5. Seek medical attention

Getting involved in a car accident can be devastating, with results ranging from less severe to chronic musculoskeletal system pains and physical injuries. In this event, you should seek medical attention immediately after exiting the scene, depending on the severity of the injury sustained. 

Also, on some occasions, car accident victims may not sustain physical injures or feel pain.

However, you should seek medical attention irrespective of the situation faced with, as most accident injuries or pains do not hit the spotlight until after a while.

    6. Call your insurance company.

An insurance company can refuse to cover damage claims in situations where you don’t call them right after the incident. Always call your insurance company immediately after being involved in a car accident as it helps with your claim. That way, you get to be served the full benefit of your insurance!

Car accidents are inevitable; you never know when the next driver goes beyond the speed limit. Knowing what to do in the event of a car accident will go a long way in making sure you go through this experience without trouble. 

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