When To Call A Civil Rights Lawyer


The importance of protecting civil rights is emphasized daily, yet few individuals fully comprehend what this means. Civil rights grant us the right to due process of law and enable us to exercise our freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, and freedom from discrimination. However, when these civil rights are violated, it is critical to seek assistance from an experienced civil rights lawyer to defend your rights. The issue for many individuals is recognizing the instances when their civil rights have been infringed upon.

Civil rights are fundamental in fostering a just and equitable society. Despite significant advancements, discrimination and other civil rights violations persist across the United States. Navigating the legal system and knowing how to respond can be daunting for victims of these violations.

This is where civil rights lawyers play a crucial role. These legal experts specialize in defending the rights of those who have been the targets of discrimination or other civil rights violations. With their experience and expertise, they can guide individuals through the legal process, advocate for their rights, and seek justice. This blog will explore the role of civil rights lawyers, the types of cases they handle, and how to recognize and respond to civil rights violations.

Unlawful Search and Seizures

When the average citizen comes into contact with a law enforcement official, that citizen assumes the official knows what they are doing and is operating within their legal boundaries. But when you have a confrontation with a law enforcement official, that official needs permission or very good reason to search you and seize any of your property. If you were exposed to a search and seizure that did not involve showing you a warrant or any other type of document condoning the search, then call a civil rights attorney immediately.

Unnecessary and Potentially Cruel Punishment

If a police officer pulls you over for speeding and the incident turns into a physical altercation without your provocation, then your civil rights could have been violated. While this generally applies to situations with law enforcement, it can also potentially apply to a job or school situation as well.

Workplace Discrimination

You should never accept every action taken in the workplace as simply being a part of the process. If you were passed over for a promotion because of your age, religion, gender, or race, then you need to contact a civil rights attorney immediately. Any situation in your workplace where you feel you were the victim of discrimination should motivate you to contact a civil rights attorney.

Harassment by a Public Official

Sometimes, when people speak out in their community against public officials, they find themselves scrutinized by their local government. For example, a person who speaks out against the local tax collector could suddenly find their property taxes increased without explanation. Your civil rights allow you to live and work in your community without fear of harassment by public officials. If you feel you are being unfairly targeted by local government, then you need to speak to a civil rights attorney.

It is important to remember that you do not need to be 100 percent convinced that you have a good case to talk to a civil rights attorney. It is expected that most people do not understand the laws regarding civil rights, but most can tell when they have been treated unfairly. Even if you are unsure as to whether or not your case requires a civil rights attorney, you should still talk to a qualified professional about your case to get the information you need.

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